Enjoy Marketing…Love your Results

Results Count Marketing specializes in helping medium to enterprise sized companies like Microsoft and Los Angeles Times to design, develop and implement high performing marketing channels and organizations. We enjoy our work and our clients.

We focus on creating a marketing engine and organization that work lock-step with each other to produce three important outcomes: measureable results, consistent revenue and a high-performing marketing organization.

The Next Generation B2B Marketing Organization…Think Evolutionary

Increasingly, B2B marketing organizations are tasked with generating high quality leads that turn over into high quality customers. This output requires a keen eye on inbound marketing channels as well as internal systems and tools such as CRM. The result has been the creation of what I’d like to call the marketing engine.

Arguably, the marketing engine is a relatively new concept that has been made possible with the tracking, streamlining and visualization of data. We can track pretty much every conceivable customer action making it an awesome yet scary innovation. But how do we take such raw potential and use it to create a high functioning revenue generating organization?

The Marketing Engine

Let’s first take a look under the hood at the marketing engine itself. The typical marketing engine consists of 3 major components:

  • Marketing Automation Platform
  • CRM
  • Finance Module

Clearly, each of these components requires a deep subject matter expert to not only operate each of the engine components but to analyze the inputs and outputs against industry and company standards. The beauty of the engine is, if it is set up correctly it will adapt and grow with changing marketing conditions as well as new and varied inputs.

We have seen it all…well, mostly everything. Home-grown systems and tools, antiquated back-ends, dissatisfied and unresponsive customers. You get the picture. This experience comes in handy, it saves our clients time and money. At RCM, our aim is to engage, up-level your folks and leave with a process that works.


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