Enjoy Marketing…Love your Results

Results Count Marketing specializes in helping medium to enterprise sized companies like Microsoft, Los Angeles Times and numerous small businesses to design, develop and implement high performing marketing channels and organizations. We enjoy our work and our clients.

We focus on creating a marketing engine and organization that work lock-step with each other to produce three important outcomes: measureable results, consistent revenue and a high-performing marketing organization.

Original video production is an important part of this equation. Did you know that the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than words?

If video is not currently part of your marketing mix, we can help you easily and quickly get it in place.

We produce, unique, cost effective animated video with professional voice over for about $10 p/s that will create a lasting generator of leads for your business.

All videos are watermarked with your contact information as well as any branding. To make things even easier, we will upload to your existing channel or include creating your channel as part of our complete video package.

Here is a sample – Enjoy!



Give us a call at 425 922 6688 or info@resultscountmarketing.com