Medical Practice Marketing and Development

The marketing of your medical practice is an important part of the development of the practice. There are a number of key components that ensure not only new and existing patients find you but that you are ranking above competitors in your market.

Additionally, you want to also ensure that what existing patients are saying about the practice, front office and services is tracked, accurate and responded to in a timely manner. Many of the physicians and medical practitioners are surprised to learn what patients are clients have written about them both good and not so good. Why not capitalize on your great reviews and use other reviews as opportunities for practice and staff growth?

New or established…build your medical, dental or veterinarian practice one step at a time.

Whether you are a physician, veterinarian, dentist, physiatrist, physical therapist, psychologist, vision specialist or audiologist providing great care for your patients is clients is your focus. Building a sustainable practice that meets your ideal location, size, and attracts the type of patients you want is important.

In a world where reviews, comments and sharing has become instantaneous, traditional marketing has evolved into a digital model where your website, social media and have eclipsed brochure ware and pamphlets. Did you know that on average over 50% of your patients do research online before calling your practice?

while this is specialized we take a simple and focused approach on how you want to grow and manage your practice

Healthcare Practice Development

  • Digital or online practice marketing
  • Reputation management
  • Patient acquisition
  • Patient retention
  • Social media monitoring and marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Paid search

Results Count Marketing, LLC can help. We can help you develop and market your practice quickly, efficiently and cost effectively with proven, leading edge results.

Would like to learn more or perhaps begin to or continue your practice’s marketing?

Download our up to date “Medical Practice Marketing – 5 Easy Steps to Marketing Success” an easy plan to get you started.

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